Are you caring for an aging parent?
We can help.

I remember thinking when I was a child how lucky I was because my parents were older. My father was fifty five years old when I was born, so my parents were a bit older than most of my peers. It was a blessing to have the privilege of wonderful parents who taught me so much and set an incredible example for me. And, I hope, I turned out to be a blessing for them, as I had the honor of caring for them in the last years of their lives.

I was thirty four years old when my mother passed away, the day after Christmas. She was seventy six. My father survived for ten more months in an assisted living/skilled nursing care facility in my hometown. He was in the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Unit and it was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. Had he lived three more days, he would have been eighty nine. He remained in overall excellent health, except for his advancing dementia and memory loss.

As we grow older, the baby boomers, Generation X and everyone in between will be touched in some way by the issues of elder care. It is a never-ending maze of doctors, specialists, health care facility choices, hospice, estate planning, benefits and stress. You find yourself asking so many questions:

  • How do you know if your parent needs at-home care, an assisted living facility or skilled nursing care?
  • When do you make a move, and better yet, how do you approach your parents with the discussion?
  • How do you convince your parent it's not safe for him to drive anymore?
  • How do you protect the family assets while maintaining eligibility for government benefits?
  • How do you pay for it all?

I’m here to tell you the answers are not easy, nor were they easily discovered... until now. The Caregiver's Training Program provides guidance on everything from basic mobility aids to dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson Disease and more. This book is designed to help you manage the day to day aspects of your parent's care, written in plain language understandable by anyone. It is my hope that through my family’s journey, you may learn a few things to help your own path go a little more smoothly.